Top 20 Golfers
Rank Username Score
1 primo 51000
2 mariusz00 37354
3 nubs 37216
4 vird 36566
5 activekim 36175
6 henrik 31602
7 JWvdVeer 31424
8 Wim 30396
9 jth 28979
10 vgadge 24777
11 scottholdren 24685
12 linepogl 24496
13 ToastyX 23137
14 lheurt 21989
15 marm 18775
16 cecilozaur 18203
17 tleilax 17897
18 jt2k 17462
19 wechselbalg 17281
20 eremit 17264
New challenge up!
Harshad Numbers!
June 05 2014, 16:25:15 Posted by dsolstad
deSymfonyDay 2014 is hosting a conference today and phpGolf will dedicate a challenge for the event.
May 31 2014, 00:16:22 Posted by dsolstad
New challenge up!
Eulers Totient!
October 18 2013, 09:43:55 Posted by dsolstad
New challenge up!
Vigenere Table!
October 05 2013, 12:22:51 Posted by dsolstad
New challenge up!
August 13 2013, 02:50:36 Posted by dsolstad
New challenge up!
Saving Time!
June 05 2013, 02:07:04 Posted by dsolstad
Yatzy fixed
Fixed the exploit where the result always were 25.
May 29 2013, 20:27:02 Posted by dsolstad
Fixed IPv6 Compression
Now it acts like inet_ntop(inet_pton(IP)).
Sorry for the inconvenience.
May 21 2013, 08:33:41 Posted by dsolstad
New challenge up!
IPv6 Compression!
May 18 2013, 23:50:10 Posted by dsolstad
New challenge up!
Base Numbers!
March 02 2013, 20:22:18 Posted by dsolstad
Pathing made public
The reason is that the challenge seems too hard for the average user.
February 17 2013, 15:17:29 Posted by dsolstad
New challenge up!
Upper Case First!
February 15 2013, 14:57:12 Posted by dsolstad
Kaprekars constant open again.
Kaprekars constant is open again after we fixed an exploit. All submissions are revalidated. Some of you might find that your previously failed submissions now are valid.
November 25 2012, 17:00:06 Posted by dsolstad
New challenge up!
November 22 2012, 18:22:06 Posted by dsolstad
Closed Travelling Salesman
We have some issues with Closed Travelling Salesman.
Until we have fixed it, it will remain closed.
October 29 2012, 22:19:46 Posted by dsolstad
New challenge up!
Travelling Salesman!
October 16 2012, 12:19:52 Posted by dsolstad
New challenge up!
Vowels and Consonants!
September 27 2012, 16:55:07 Posted by dsolstad
New challenge up!
Subset Sum!
May 12 2012, 14:05:58 Posted by dsolstad
Sudoku Validator exploit found and fixed
All submissions revalidated.
April 19 2012, 14:57:25 Posted by dsolstad
New challenge up!
Sudoku Validator!
April 15 2012, 23:52:00 Posted by dsolstad
Changed Sierpinski Triangle to right trim
This is because it should have been right trim from the start. So now you can make those submissions even lower, if needed :)
April 15 2012, 16:58:36 Posted by dsolstad
Changed challenge Sorting
The input will now always have at least one duplicate. This is to prevent any luck on submitting.
April 15 2012, 14:01:57 Posted by dsolstad
New challenge up!
April 14 2012, 03:34:50 Posted by dsolstad
New challenge up!
April 06 2012, 19:37:31 Posted by dsolstad
Removed the forum
Because of inactivity on the forum. We have decided to remove it.
Please let us know if you miss it.
February 02 2012, 21:09:29 Posted by dsolstad
Made Permutation public and created a new one called Permutation2 where shuffle and str_shuffle is disabled.
This is to make the it more interesting and you cannot get passed by chance.
December 04 2011, 18:41:27 Posted by dsolstad
New challenge up!
Matrix Invert!
December 01 2011, 17:19:07 Posted by dsolstad
Changed the layout a bit.
Now users don't need to scroll that much down and are represented with a little less data.
November 17 2011, 18:03:21 Posted by dsolstad
Some news
- Closed Kaprekars Constant due to too much fuzz around it.
- Previously closed public challenges made open. (Note that public challenges does not count on site rank)
- RSS feed up:
- New challenges in development.
November 15 2011, 23:19:22 Posted by dsolstad
All submissions revalidated
There were an exploit on Kaprekars Constant, that made it possible to get passed by a very little chance, when it fails most of the time. All submissions are now revalidated.

All submissions from now on is validated ten times.
November 08 2011, 23:56:26 Posted by dsolstad and is official
Now the two domains and are official domains for phpGolf
October 11 2011, 17:24:15 Posted by AlecTBM
New challenge up!
October 08 2011, 15:07:12 Posted by dsolstad
Fixed exploit / security issue
There was a bug in the validation script, that gave users access to functions like exec() and system(). The result was users with submissions with extreme low byte amount.

This is now fixed and submissions with these kind of functions were revalidated.
August 02 2011, 00:02:21 Posted by dsolstad
Fixed Math Evaluator
Removed the last empty line from the input on Math Evaluator.
May 26 2011, 08:48:16 Posted by dsolstad
XML Tree is now open again
XML Tree is now fixed and open again, have fun
April 26 2011, 19:09:58 Posted by AlecTBM
Closed some challenges
We decided to close some inactive challenges and made them protected with end date yesterday instead, i.e the codes are available for everyone to see.
We encourage you to study the uploads, learn some new tricks and leave comments on the challenge page.

Here is the list of challenges we closed:
- Greatest Path
- Cantors Enumeration
- Four in a Row
- Jigsaw
- Poker
- Guitar Tabs
April 15 2011, 17:28:15 Posted by dsolstad
Some new updates
- We have rewritten the SQL queries to speed up the site
- Users can now write comments on challenges
- Added a 'Newest Members' box in the layout
- Fixed an exploit on Caesars Box and revalidated all submissions
April 10 2011, 22:49:51 Posted by dsolstad
CRC32 is now open again
We have had some problems with the CRC32 challenge after the update. The problems have been fixed, and the challenge is now open again
April 09 2011, 23:52:27 Posted by AlecTBM
Registering problems fixed
After the release of v2.0 users who tried to register a new account didn't get an email. The reason was that we forgot to configure sendmail on the new server. The issue is fixed now and we apologize for this.
March 25 2011, 21:34:16 Posted by dsolstad
Finally new site up and running!
After some months now we have released the new version of the site with some new features and layout that we hope you enjoy.

We have upgraded the server, compiled our own php binary and changed the whole infrastructure on the backend coding.

Since the new server is faster, some submissions that failed on the old site (v1.0) has now passed on the new v2.0.

Nevertheless, some challenges that passed on v1.0 have failed on v2.0 due to the fact that we found and fixed some exploits.

If you see that your submission has now failed and you claim that it also should pass on v2.0, then don't be afraid to contact us, that includes bugs and security issues also!

Some new features are:
- Profiles: Profile pictures, control panel, stats.
- Three different challenge types: Private, public and protected.
- Better debug tools: Improved "diff", view input and errors.
- Tips and Tricks guide
- Usefull tools: String inverter (more will come)

The forum will get an improvement over time, but it is not our first priority.

We have added three more challenges: Math Evaluator, Rot N and SHA1, where the last two are public.

Happy golfing.
March 24 2011, 18:53:17 Posted by dsolstad