Top 20 Golfers
Rank Username Score
1 primo 51000
2 vird 36637
3 nubs 36335
4 JWvdVeer 31437
5 henrik 29625
6 activekim 29462
7 Wim 29445
8 jth 25691
9 vgadge 24787
10 linepogl 24564
11 scottholdren 23842
12 ToastyX 23137
13 lheurt 22000
14 cecilozaur 17696
15 Ock 17066
16 ralf 16790
17 nishanth 16721
18 jt2k 16605
19 eremit 16601
20 holyshart 15568
Finally new site up and running!
After some months now we have released the new version of the site with some new features and layout that we hope you enjoy.

We have upgraded the server, compiled our own php binary and changed the whole infrastructure on the backend coding.

Since the new server is faster, some submissions that failed on the old site (v1.0) has now passed on the new v2.0.

Nevertheless, some challenges that passed on v1.0 have failed on v2.0 due to the fact that we found and fixed some exploits.

If you see that your submission has now failed and you claim that it also should pass on v2.0, then don't be afraid to contact us, that includes bugs and security issues also!

Some new features are:
- Profiles: Profile pictures, control panel, stats.
- Three different challenge types: Private, public and protected.
- Better debug tools: Improved "diff", view input and errors.
- Tips and Tricks guide
- Usefull tools: String inverter (more will come)

The forum will get an improvement over time, but it is not our first priority.

We have added three more challenges: Math Evaluator, Rot N and SHA1, where the last two are public.

Happy golfing.
March 24 2011, 18:53:17 Posted by dsolstad